About Visista

Over the periods, we have demonstrated the customer relationship by understanding their business, their risk philosophy, their needs & requirements and then to design the structure for the most appropriate insurance programs. We provide customized solutions and provide them delightful customer experience.  The supports are personalized, accurate and timely.

VISISTA has been in operation for over a decade rendering insurance advisory and risk management services to varied customers.

We have experience and expertise to provide comprehensive insurance services for property, casualty, liability, employee benefits, risk management services and other related services. We have developed industry specific & sector specific competencies in energy, power, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, IT/ITES, Government Organizations that allow us to respond to unique demands and opportunities in those industries & sectors.

Our desire to be the very best in the industry drives us passionately towards one single goal – to make a difference to our customer by strategizing the insurance programs for protecting their P & L Account and Balance Sheet.

  • We cater to corporate clients, from small to medium to large organizations.
  • Our team of 50+ accomplished professionals handle 300+ customers across 3 locations.
  • We assist customers from every industry and every sector – ranging from commercial buildings, roads, irrigation, power plants (renewable & non-renewable) pharmaceuticals engineering to IT/ITES etc. We also assist state government & central government organizations.
  • We also assist the customer in purchasing the appropriate insurances and managing them effectively.
  • We are grateful to our patron customers that in a crowded marketplace, they seek and sail with us even today.
  • Our transparency, knowledge of insurance, professional approach and reliability has earned us a great reputation and a strong book of business.