Group Gratuity Scheme

Group gratuity scheme cover gratuity benefits as well as provide protection to the family through life insurance cover in the unfortunate event of death.

Investment of gratuity fund are for long terms, can be either in traditional portfolio or market related portfolio or in balance port with the objective to maximise the returns and in turn, reduce business costs. A good plan will help you to reward your employees without any financial issues on your business.

Add on covers – The scheme can be enhanced with some rider plans to cover accidental death benefit, accidental disability benefit. This could be structured as a supplementary scheme.

Extends tax relief to the employer & employee – The annual gratuity contribution by an employer is treated as business allowable expenditure while calculating tax liability; Income from gratuity is exempted from tax, at the hand of employees, up to the limit specified and subject to conditions under section 10(10), Income Tax Act, 1961.

Exclusions – There are no specific exclusions under group gratuity insurance policy. But the exclusions can be built into the scheme in specific cases like intentional self-injury, attempted suicide etc.