Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy (Errors and Omissions)

Professional Indeminity (Errors & Omissions)

It’s the kind of insurance that protects your business from financially crippling and often reputation-damaging claims by unhappy clients. Professional indemnity insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, is the insurance that covers your company, or you individually, in the event that a client holds you responsible for a service you provided, or failed to provide, that did not have the expected or promised results. Professional indemnity insurance protects you from legal action taken for losses incurred as a result of your advice. It provides indemnity cover if your client suffers a loss – either material, financial or physical – directly attributed to negligent acts.

Below we list some of the danger areas your business could be exposed to:

  • Negligence: or breach of duty of care.
  • Intellectual property: unintentionally infringing on others’ copyrights, trademarks, broadcasting rights, any act of passing off.
  • Loss of documents/data: damaged, lost or stolen data and documents belonging to your clients This policy is suitable for doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, brokers, consultants, advertising agencies etc.

The policy covers businesses against Legal liability of the insured towards damages to customers with respect to financial losses incurred by them due to negligence of the insured, errors and commissions in the performance of professional services.

  • Legal costs and expenses incurred by the Insured with the written consent of the Insurer.
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