Stand-Alone Terrorism Cover

In today’s unstable and ever growing global political climate, the corporate companies are more concerned to the threat on the terrorism act. Owing to the evaluation and make it more comprehensive in nature, of late, in all the property insurance policies terrorism coverage is an integral aspect to suit the risk management program.

A separate, specialty insurance policy that covers loss due to terrorism is available in India through Terrorism risk insurance pool (terrorism pool).

The vast majority of stand-alone terrorism policies are property policies that cover loss resulting from damage to the insured’s own property.

Stand-alone terrorism coverage contrasts with terrorism coverage provided as part of a commercial property policy covering other risks of loss.

It is purchased primarily by organizations that are viewed by insurers as being at high risk of loss due to terrorism in one of the following situations:

  • When terrorism coverage is not available as part of the commercial property policy.
  • When the price of terrorism coverage from the insurer providing the commercial property policy is too high, or
  • When the terrorism coverage offered by the insurer providing the commercial property policy is too narrow.


  • Customization of coverage to augment locally-mandated and government administered programs.
  • The terrorism pool covers only the property damage and consequential loss arising out of any terror strike.
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment and online crises management services available.
  • Coverage is provided for acts terrorism committed domestically and abroad.
  • Flexibility of underwriting on a primary or excess basis and the rate to ease of handling unique coverage situations.

In India Insurance companies provide Terrorism coverage only up to Rs.2,000 crores at any one location from the Market Terrorism Pool as per Terrorism Pool rules and terms.  If a client wants coverage for terrorism risks above Rs.2,000 crores we can arrange the same and issue a Stand Alone Terrorism Coverage policy.