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Your Agent represents one insurance company and promotes the products of that company only. We represent the client and approach many insurance companies for better terms and coverage since we are insurance domino with rich experience.

We negotiate with the Insurance company, on your behalf for better terms.  Our services to you are absolutely free since insurance company pays to us for introducing you and placing the business to them.

Insurance is a technical subject. We review your policy, prepare the gap analysis and report to you for improvements, if any so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

We help you  to choose the most suitable insurance solutions to meet your nature of business, by  carrying out the gap analysis.  We negotiate  with the insurance companies, on your behalf, for a competitive pricing.

Since we are placing huge volumes of business with the insurance companies, we have a  good bargaining power and  assist the clients for quick and fair settlement.

To make a claim, please contact our Claims Department with the policy details and we shall liaison with the Insurance company and update you on the progress of the claim from time to time.