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Group Mediclaim Policy

Group Medical Insurance Policy
  • The medical treatments are becoming unbelievably expensive. 75% of Indian households are paying medical bills out of their source. Medical inflations are rising rapidly. The medical expenses (either planned or on emergency) can wipe out a large amount of your savings that you had accumulated for years to fulfill your financial goals.
  • Group Medical Insurance Policy is the perfect health protection for the employees and their families. We can tailor-make the policy to suit your requirements and the budget.
  • It takes care of the medical expenses incurred during hospitalization resulting from an accident or illness or ailment.
  • It covers expenses that are reasonably and necessarily incurred towards hospitalization.
  • Amount paid will not exceed the Sum Insured, can be explored, subject to terms and conditions.
  • The policy can be customized to cover pre-existing diseases, pre-hospitalization & post-hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, maternity benefits, newborn babies, etc.
  • Dependant parents, critical illness, top-up covers, etc can be explored, subject to terms and conditions.
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