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Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy (SFSP)

Why this insurance:
There is no asset, including assets in water that is not vulnerable to Fire damage. It is the same case with unbridled water.

What risks/perils are covered:
Both Fire and Water along with 10 other perils are covered under this policy

What can be insured:
All physical property comprising building, plant, and machinery, equipment, furniture fixtures, fittings, stock, everything that has economic value to the Insured can be covered under this policy subject to terms and conditions

Goods owned, leased, rented, hypothecated, pledged, in custody, held in trust, or on commission are also insurable

Who can insure:
All property owners like dwelling house, office building, commercial building owners, manufacturers, infrastructure asset owners, and managers, shop keepers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, etc. Banks, financiers, pledgees, bailees, trustees, tenants, and such other interested parties in the property can also insure the property

Assets can be insured either new for old or on market value or otherwise