Why Join Us

  • “Anything is possible” attitude –the employees are innately in tune with collaborating with new people; finding ways to work smarter; and throwing dated rules out of the window.
  • We want our employees to look forward to coming to work and stay engaged while here. We create familiar environment that enables employees to feel like they can be themselves. Our flat structure, informal work culture and absence of bureaucracy make for a great place to work, learn and grow. Even the youngest member of the family gets to influence policy decisions (on merit, of course!) and has access to top management.
  • We have always listened to new ideas. We are open to advice from anyone and everyone, especially new employees that we make — they will have a fresh set of eyes into our work and may have great suggestions on how to improve processes.
  • Visista celebrates employees birthdays, festivals, happy hours, cricket matches, volleyball matches etc. Visista too celebrates the milestones & achievements. These elements have enabled us to connecting teammates, building trust and creating community.
  • For Visista, the employees are the assets, for that prime reason, we have put in place fair rewards, measurable incentives, well defined process, improvements & innovations, definite career progression and developmental opportunities. We have an objective system of performance appraisal which helps us recognize and reward performers. The employees who displayed passion and ownership have always been rewarded. We are sure, these shall endear our new employees.
  • The motto is to have fun and work hard, play hard. The cultural construct is one of choice, and by implication, one which allows individuals to express themselves freely. This culture has kept us fresh, innovative, energetic that puts us a step ahead of the competition.
  • As we grow, we have new leadership for this cultural fit along with talent, ability, capability.
  • We are always looking for NEW EMPLOYEES who share our dream of making VISISTA as the country’s largest and most respected Insurance Broker.
  • Please feel free to submit your resume to helpdeskinfo@visistarisk.com to consider the same for any future opportunities.