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Why Visista

Problems faced by businesses

Insurance is an indispensable part of businesses of all sizes and all kinds. It gives you the freedom of scalability while mitigating your risks. But if we look closely, not many companies are able to gain maximum benefit out of their insurance policy. The reason, lack of technical and industrial knowledge.

Buying an insurance policy is a lot more calculation than we can think of. Right from analyzing your business needs, to the looming risks, it requires you to find an all-inclusive solution, at the right price. Herculean task as you can see, it is better to assign the task to someone expert.

How can Visista help your business?

Visista is an insurance broking company, that works as a bridge between you and the insurer. Unlike insurance agents (hired by the insurer), we work in your interest to provide comprehensive insurance solutions for property, casualty, liability, employee benefits, risk management, and other related services.

Industrial Expertise

Our insurance brokers assess and evaluate the potential risk that you are exposed to while keeping cost in focus. We do benefit analysis and review your insurance programs each year using gap analysis practices to find the adequacy, correctness, cost, and comprehensiveness of your insurance plans.

Working in more than 15+ global industrial verticals, some of the sectors in which you can be benefitted by our valuable insights and expertise are:

Service Highlights

It’s not just about getting an insurance policy, it is always about. To not end up buying a wrong insurance policy, get Visista corporate insurance broking services including; consultancy, risk inspection, documentation, claim management services, gap analysis, and more.

Our Key Differentiators

Cashless Settlement 

Assured fast-paced claim settlement with no to very little wait time on our life and non-life insurance policies. Choose from our wide array of insurance solutions offering you a convenient and secure cashless settlement.

On-Account Payments 

Get an on-account payment option on our general and non-general insurance policies for secure transfer of claim money directly to your account. We offer you 100% assistance throughout the claim process.

Tailor-made Packages

Our solutions are not subject to product availability and services. We give you innovative risk management solutions; highly-customized to meet your business risk philosophy and needs.

Claim Assistance 

We assist you in claim management, negotiation, and settlement. Our claim management services are centralized to provide you one-to-one assistance at all stages of claim settlement between you and the insurer.

Industrial Expertise

A qualified and experienced team that provides you macroscopic risk analysis using their industry expertise and in-depth knowledge. We aggressively work on finding what protects your business from all manner of risks.